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Project and Art Design: Tim Bruno

The text is accompanied by illustrated inserts in colour and black and white illustrations, which will help the reader to "see" David's journey.

The colour inserts supplement the story, and play a fundamental role in transporting the reader to the Land of Arcon, an imaginary place, but basically one not too different from the pre-industrial world.

It is this contrast between our modern world and that of the Arconids that engenders a sense of "otherness" in the young protagonist and the readers who will accompany him on his adventures.
The colour insert is David's travel journal: the book with the blank pages, which he finds in the elf's knapsack, fills up with the drawings and descriptions that the boy makes in the course of his journey.

Dust-jacket and illustrations: Claudio Prati

Was born in Kitzbuhel (Austria) on 23 May 1969 and lives in a seaside locality in the province of Genoa.A passionate devotee of the art of drawing since childhood, in 1990 Claudio moved to Rome where he attended the European Institute of Design and the Istituto di Communicazione e Immagine where he took his diploma and refined the art and the various techniques of illustration.

Inspired from the start by artists such as Norman Rockwell, J.W. Waterhouse and Caspar David Friedrich, his constant growth in the field of art found its outlet as he ranged through the most disparate artistic techniques and disciplines, from paintings using traditional techniques to watercolours and digital art.
His art ranges from pictorial works for private collections to trompe l'oeil creations in historic buildings to designing logos and websites. In the field of books he collaborates with Italian and international publishers in the creation of works of a prevalently scientific, naturalistic and historical nature.

Since May 2010 he has been working with Bombus on the Ossidea saga.

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